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"Series 1" Line Flyers, The Amazing Whirligig, Weathervane and Windsock ALL IN ONE!

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Outstanding Line Flyer Features

  • Like a Kite, its Eye-Catching, Educational and Decorative.
  • Like an Airplane, it demonstrates Wind Power and Wing Lift
  • Like a Glider, It will reveal unseen updrafts.
  • Like a Weather Vane, it shows the wind's direction.
  • Like a Wind Sock, it can be placed anywhere the wind blows.
  • It survives and flies in the rain and snow!
  • Everyone will enjoy watching it.
  • Its viewing area is adjustable.
  • It is strong enough for high winds.
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in Minnesota, USA.


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100% Wind Powered, The Wind Guys Line Flyers put on quite a show.
Hand Crafted Garden Art that will capture and reveal WIND ENERGY. A great learning tool!
Everyone who sees our Flying Lawn Decorations will be Amazed. A Wonderful Gift For Anyone!
Bat, Bird, and Butterfly Line Flyers have Life-Sized Wingspans! Pets go Crazy watching them!
Our Brand New Airplanes feature spinning propellers! Get Yours NOW!
Finally, A Holiday, Seasonal and Year Round Yard Art that is Simple, Green and FUN!

The Videos below show one of many simple ways to display your Amazing Wind Driven Line Flyers.
Hang them from a tree limb, off your eaves or just outside your window using our Suction Cup Hanger!
Lawn Ornaments that will fly in just a slight wind! Up, down and around they go!
Its a bird, its a plane, NO, its the Wind Guys New Wind Driven Art!

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